RSC Henry V prep with Miles Tandy

A brilliant session with Miles Tandy looking at the preparation for the school broadcasts of Henry V. Amazing session with a great group of people. 


2 thoughts on “RSC Henry V prep with Miles Tandy

  1. What a fantastic session! Although I might decide not to do Henry V this time, last night gave me lots of inspiration and ideas that I can adapt for Year 2 and I am very excited for when I will be doing Shakespeare with my class!
    If I had been taught Shakespeare like last night, then I think I would have enjoyed it, and therefore understood it, a lot more than the Romeo and Juliet that I was subjected to as my first insight into Shakespeare during Year 9, followed by Macbeth and Othello for GCSE and A-levels.
    Really looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for us, think it is going to be very exciting! 😀

  2. I did a 2 hour workshop for Yr5/6 yesterday afternoon using the materials from this session. It was brilliant – the children’s progress through the session was really inspiring. The training we had and the materials from the RSC were absolutely spot on in terms of leading the children, step-by-step, from pretty much nothing into being able to perform scenes from the play. There is a buzz about Thursday now. At the beginning of the year, people thought I was mad to suggest making them watch 4 hours of Shakespeare on screen, but having delivered this workshop, I’m confident they’re going to love it. I’ll post some pictures from yesterday as soon as I get a minute. Oh, and did I mention, it was SO much fun?!

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